ECM 2020 will provide you an unique opportunity to see many of the beautiful places of Stockholm and some of the more exclusive venues that is reserved for special guests

Gala dinner

The venue for our gala dinner is well known, it is Stockholm City Hall, this is well known for hosting many of the public events in Stockholm such as the Nobel Price dinner. As a guest to ECM 2020 we will ensure that you have a Nobel experience at the gala dinner.

Read more about Stockholm City Hall at their website


Lectures and Friday lunch will be held at Europahuset, the meeting point for EU in Sweden and houses the Swedish office of the European Parliament and the representation of the European Commission in Sweden. More information about Europahuset is available on their webpage

Stockholm archipelago

Stockholm consists of many islands which makes up for a beautiful archipelago during our Saturday dinner and boat tour you will enjoy the pleasant views that Stockholm offers from water.

JCI ECM 2020 - Stockholm archipelago

Company visit

Our planned company visit will be a stunning surprise that will take you to a place not seen that many does not know about in Stockholm, it may be a bit harsh and hard there but it will be an amazing experience…